How To Book Your Dream Wedding Photographer - And Stick To Your Budget

One of the highest searched terms related to wedding photographers is "Cheap Wedding photographers in...". This is completely understandable, given the average cost of a wedding, couples are looking for areas to cut back the costs, and unfortunately I believe they're compromising on one of the most important aspects of their wedding.

I recently came across a post on Facebook from someone searching for a cheap wedding photographer, they were specifically looking for an amateur or beginner photographer to document a full day for around £300. I had a different response to many other photographers who responded to the post.

Quality vs Quantity

It goes without saying, but quality trumps quantity- always. Odds are, if you're searching for a wedding photographer, you've already got an idea of what parts of the day you'd like to be captured. And with the rise of social media, couples are inspired to add exciting elements to their day. I mean, the getting ready part of the day is an event all of its own, add to that Pinterest and instagram are plastered with gorgeous photos of sparkler exists and epic dance floor photos- it's no surprise that couples want to document the whole shebang .

Hooooowever... Going back to the Facebook post I mentioned above, this was my response to it; "consider hiring a photographer for a couple of hours. Prioritise having a handful of really good photos to frame and print. And then ask your guests to take lots of photos and share those on a group chat (or photo sharing app) maybe. You don’t need 1000s of photos from your wedding. Just a few special ones."

I’ve been married for 4 years, and I have exactly 5 printed and framed photos from our wedding day. And maybe 20 favourites. A gallery of 100s of photos is lovely to peruse through on those first few days weeks and even months. But as the years pass only few actually become treasured and cherished. My clients have the option to book me from as little as 2 hours coverage - which I say is enough time for their ceremony and a few couple and family portraits after.

I have a story telling approach to wedding photography, I focus on capturing moments as if they're in a movie. I serve couples in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Shropshire as well as Edinburgh (yes you read that right). But I've travelled as far as the Scottish Highlands to capture love stories.