Why Are Small Weddings So Popular?

Although I believe small weddings have always been fairly popular (we had 40 guests at our wedding), Pandemic season saw a mandatory rise in small and micro weddings which I believe are here to stay despite restrictions on weddings now finally fully lifted.

That said there are a many reasons why many couples may continue to choose smaller weddings, and I'm going to share my reasons why you might want to consider an intimate or even a micro wedding.

For reference, an intimate wedding typically has around 50 guests, whereas a micro wedding is even smaller with typically 20 or less guests.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Small Wedding.


When you start planning your wedding, you may start to notice how expensive it can be to get married. Having less guests at your wedding is a no brainer way to keep costs down without compromising on having the wedding you really want. This means you can hire a smaller wedding venue, spend less on catering, and drinks. Decorating a smaller venue will cost less too. Smaller weddings tend to be shorter in length, with your guests joining you for your ceremony, cocktail hour, wedding breakfast and maybe a little dancing after, which in turn will mean paying less for your photographer to document your day in full.


With your number of guests down, you may be able to hire a unique venue for your reception for less than you might imagine. You might able to look into hiring a unique air BnB in a beautiful location. Bigger event venues, museums, art galleries and local restaurants in your area may have small spaces you may be able to book for private events. We had our wedding reception at a local-ish boutique hotel restaurant after a I phoned and asked if they had a space we could use and it was the best decision we made. Get creative, think outside the wedding industry box and inquire with your dream venues.


If you're a Pinterest addict like I am, then you may have been pinning lots of unique ideas for your wedding day. With less guests, you may be able to add in some special unique touches to your day that may be a lot more costly with a larger number of guests. You can provide polaroid cameras for your guests to take pictures of each other, have fun summer games, hire an ice cream van, cotton candy bar... the list is endless.


By far my favourite thing about smaller weddings is that you and your guests can be fully present for the day. My husband and I often talk about how much we enjoyed our day because it was so stress free. With less guests, you can spend more meaningful time with your attending guests, there's less to go wrong if you keep things simple, and I as your photographer, can capture more of those candid special moments as they happen since there's less people and things to focus on.